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Ariz. drawing intense criticism from the state’s congressional delegation Therevealed the expenditures;? or that the person in charge (the experimenter) had a much higher "expert" status than themselves."Of course, seeking an accomplice while talking about accountability. such a shot merely warns of subsequent actions. chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff has advertised his skepticism about intervening in Syria His very public intrusion into a policy debate may exceed what is proper for the uniformed military but he seems to have played Obama as dexterously as Duke Ellington played a piano Dempsey assured Obama that (Because the bow will still be there to be shot across) This enabled Obama to say that using the military to affirm an international norm (about poison gas) although urgent enough to involve Congress is not so urgent that Britains Parliament inadvertently revived the constitutional standing of Congress when British Prime Minister David Camerons incompetent management of the parliaments vote resulted in the body refusing to authorize an attack His fumble was a function of Obamas pressuring him for haste If Parliament had authorized an attack seven switched votes would have sufficed Obama probably would already have attacked without any thought about Congresss prerogatives The Financial Timess Gideon Rachman reports that in Obama "made it clear that he wanted a swift military response before global outrage dissipated and Bashar al-Assads regime had the chance to prepare its defenses" Many Republicans are reluctant to begin yet another military intervention in a distant and savage civil war Other Republicans whose appetite for such interventions has not been satiated by recent feasts of failure will brand reluctance as "isolationism"Reluctant Republicans can invoke Dwight Eisenhower He who in 1961 enriched Americas lexicon with the phrase "" sought the presidency in 1952 to prevent its capture by what he considered an isolationist or at least insufficiently internationalist Republican faction represented by "Mr Republican" Yet after one look as president-elect at Eisenhower ended that war To advisers urging intervention on Frances behalf in Vietnam he said (this from his memoirs): "Employment of airstrikes alone to support French troops in the jungle would create a double jeopardy: it would comprise an act of war and would also entail the risk of having intervened and lost" He was not an interventionist regarding the 1956 Hungarian revolution and he not only refused to support the 1956 British-French-Israeli attack on Egypt he ruthlessly forced its termination About his he wrote: "I had been careful to use [about US forces] the term stationed in Lebanon" Obamas sanctimony about his moral superiority to a Congress he considers insignificant has matched his hypocrisy regarding his diametrically opposed senatorial and presidential understandings of the proper modalities regarding uses of military force Now he asks from the Congress he disdains an authorization he considers superfluous By asking however reluctantly he begins the urgent task of lancing the boil of executive presumption Surely he understands the perils of being denied an authorization he has sought and then treating the denial as irrelevantRead more from or follow him the resistance-training group actually gained weight.chief executive of Motorola Mobility,Motorola Droid RAZRSanjay JhaThis year alone,”Just who might the NSA be paying in this covert marketplace? if you dont handle the uncorking of a bottle of champagne correctly, the American Academy of Ophthalmology wants to remind us to be careful around bottles of bubbly. and on Monday Blass said he still does not know when the rules will be finalized"It just is not possible for me to say a date in which it will or will not be up and running" he said at at a hotel on Capitol Hill which featured regulators academics and entrepreneurs and was hosted by Virginia-based "I dont think anybody who gives you a prediction on timing really knows what theyre talking about unless theyve been through the process and knows what goes into making an SEC rule final"Blass noted that the timeline will depend largely on the priorities of former New York federal prosecutor Mary Jo Whitewho on the same day just a few blocks away in Senate as the new head of the Securities and Exchange CommissionThe delays and continued silence from regulators have irritated members of the community including entrepreneurs and potential investors many of whom are eager to link up through the new online portals But equally frustrated are actually building the new sites who jumped at the opportunity when lawmakers authorized but are still waiting to set their new ventures in motionMondays event took a slightly hostile turn when one such entrepreneur voiced his concerns to the panel accusing those delaying crowdfunding of a far worse fraud than the types they claim to be trying to prevent"Theres another kind of fraud and thats when Congress and the president pass and sign a law and thousands of companies organize according to the principles in that law. but academics and people in consumer groups who disagree with make it their mission to prevent the law from going into effect" said chief executive of Poliwogg a firm thats building a crowdfunding portal for start-ups in sectors like healthcare and clean energy "Everyday Im reading stories about legitimate businesses that are going to go out of business because of the delay in implementing [this] law""My question is how you can sleep at night" Simon who previously held senior positions in the White House and Congress including chief domestic policy advisor for then-Sen Al Gore asked several of the panel members He later accused them of preventing individuals from simply "investing in their neighbors business" a professor of securities and finance at the University of Mississippi Law School fired back in response to Simons accusations arguing that the United States has "the most efficient fullest securities markets in the world and they are based on precisely the principles that youre attacking""If you want a market like we have in a lot of other undeveloped countries then well follow your lead" he added "But if you want a full competitive market that grows capital and jobs you want one with investor protections"Meanwhile the pending crowdfunding rules arent the only ones on the SECs plate at the moment The agency is expected to lifting the ban on public solicitation of investments sometime this summer That component was also supposed to be in place by the end of 2012Follow and on Twitter its likely to get caught in our spam filter and this may prevent future comments from posting.