In this game, a player has to click on the funniest spot of a series of pictures.
(although I latter replaced "funniest" by "best" to give it a broader meaning)
After 5 consecutive success, the player is allowed to upload a new picture.
The game knows where the funny spots are using a scalar field defined by the positions of all the previous clicks.
This process is similar to the creation of metaballs in a 3d context.
By default, the very first click for one picture is considered winning.
When a new picture is uploaded, the oldest picture in the database gets dumped in this gallery (it can take a few minutes).
The "funny field" is overlaid in red on this gallery, and the "winning zones" (above a certain threshold of funnyness) are visible in yellow.
In many case these pictures aren't funny and players seem to look for to "point of interests", it might be interesting to derive other games from this concept by replacing "funny" by "ugly", "cute" etc, or no indication.
I'm keeping a backup of all the pictures and positions of clicks, with enough data I may try to build an ai trained on it that could find funny spots or generate new pictures.
I like making games that work on previous player's data (ie Hyperduels, Colladv, Liaisons) in this case I came up with the name first (in french "J'apprends l'humour en m'amusant") and found the gameplay afterwards.
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